White Noise Sound Machine

The first step to quality night sleep for you and baby is a quality sound machine. This easy-to-use white noise machine will help the whole family get those much-needed Zzzzz's, setting the perfect scene for sleep and helping eliminate noises that would disrupt your child's sleep. Babies, kids, adults- everyone can benefit from getting more quality sleep!

Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump

This one is a lifesaver, especially for a first-time mom. Knowing the benefits of breastfeeding, I wanted to be sure to save every last drop of that hard-earned milk. This product will save so much time, energy, and most of all- milk! The silicone attachment collects the milk from your letdown while baby nurses on the other side! No more wasted milk or nursing pads. 

Green Sprouts  Front & Molar Silicone Teethers

These teethers are soft, yet sturdy, (for those super strong biters) and well-textured - the perfect match for your baby or toddler's sore gums. 

Jolly Jumper Door Exerciser

This classic fun way to exercise is great for babies aged "as early as 3 months (only if baby can hold head up with full neck support) to walking age, with baby's maximum weight of 28 lbs (13 kgs)". 

Personally brought great joy to us and our child and is a great way to entertain while familiarizing the child with 

standing upright.